Happy New Year!

As 2018 comes to a close and 2019 opens it’s doors, new years resolutions are on the minds of everyone.  Some may be career focused, maybe family focused, but a huge number of resolutions focus on fitness. Whether that is just “getting in better shape” or a bit more specific like “losing 10 pounds and fitting into that old dress in the back of my closet” most of them are focused on losing weight (you really mean losing body fat), and I want to help you succeed. So, I’ll teach you how to do just that. This article is just going to be an overview on how to lose weight, there will be more to follow in the coming weeks that are more in depth.

Success in fitness or weight loss really comes down to consistency, accountability, and dedication.  If you make the decision to not quit, then you can’t fail. It may take some time, but you will get there. Just remember that it is a process (a learning process too) and it doesn’t happen overnight.  What’s that saying about Rome… it took like a year to build? I don’t know, something like that.  Anyway, your weight loss isn’t going to happen overnight. Just keep after it and you’ll get there.  There are ways to get there faster too. Like having a plan, finding a workout buddy, or hiring a Trainer.  These things all help to give you guidance and keep you accountable to your goals.

Here is a picture of Rome, it probably took like a month or 2 to build I’m guessing…

 To make it as simple as possible, all you have to do to lose weight is burn more calories than you eat.  Easy right? Well, if you just want to see a smaller number on the scale, yes that’s all you have to do. BUT, if you want to lose weight and actually look good, and be able to show off your muscle tone, then there are a few more things you need to take into consideration.  I’ll break it down into steps for you so it’s easy to follow.

  • Step 1- Set your goals. Figure out what you want to accomplish (lose 10 pounds, run a marathon, etc.) and why. Using the S.M.A.R.T. acronym is often helpful in this step. (Specific. Measurable. Attainable. Realistic. Time.)
  • Step 2- Exercise. Find a type of exercise you enjoy and that you will keep doing. If you don’t, you won’t keep doing it.
  • Step 3-  Nutrition.  In order to lose weight you have to be in a caloric deficit. But to show off your muscle tone there are a few more intricacies you need to consider. Like how much protein, carbs, and fats you should be eating.
  • Step 4-  Consistency. Keep going. If you quit, it is impossible to reach your goals.
  • Step 5-  Accountability. This can come in many forms. Maybe you have the determination to keep yourself accountable, or maybe you need the accountability of scheduling your workouts and tracking your nutrition with a coach/trainer. However you do it, accountability can help to keep you consistent.

There you have it. If you can do these 5 things, I believe you will reach your goals. But, stay tuned and we will attack these steps with more detail in the coming weeks.  If you don’t want to miss out then subscribe to the email list below and you’ll get all the tricks of the trade.

Let’s start 2019 out on the right foot! Or the left one, as long as you’re moving forward!