Hybrid Training Program

This program is designed to provide some guidance and keep you accountable, while giving you a little more freedom than only working out when you can meet your trainer.  With this program you get the personalized programming of personal training, but with a more convenient schedule, and a more affordable price.

Maybe you already have a gym membership, but you aren’t sure what to do or where to start… or you want a trainer but can’t commit to meeting 3 days per week due to your hectic schedule.  Either way, this program has got you covered!  You might need someone to create a workout program for your goals, or someone to keep you accountable so you don’t cheat quite as often (I know you do it, but who keeps you honest?), or maybe you just need to switch things up a little from your previous training.  This is your answer!

What is it?

It is a 3 month program that consists of you meeting with me (Hi, my name is Zach, you can find out about me here.)  once per week at the gym, and completing your other scheduled workouts on your own for the rest of the week. You will also get nutritional guidance added in so we can reach your goals as quickly as possible! After the 3 months is up, you can either keep the program going as a month to month program or we can part ways and you can continue on your own. My goal is not to keep you as a life long client. My goal is to teach you how to exercise and eat well, on your own. I want to help you develop your own confidence and strength to make healthy choices, because you want to be the best you, you can be.

Recap, with this program you get:

  • 3 months of hybrid training,
  • 1 in-person session per week,
  • an at-home/gym workout to do on your own,
  • and nutritional guidance throughout

Price: $299/month

If you want to make serious progress and actually reach your goals without messing around and wasting time, then this is your opportunity. This is a more affordable program that allows you to still get great coaching for your fitness goals.

Contact me to get started today!