What is online coaching, and why would I choose this option?

Online coaching/training is the same great coaching from a personal trainer as in person training, but allows you flexibility in your schedule and in choosing your trainer. It allows you to work with a trainer who may not be in the close proximity of your home or work, but still provides you with great coaching.  This way you don’t have to coordinate a time that works for both you, and the trainer to meet for a workout. You can just hit the gym when it works in your day.  You get the coaching, without the hassle of finding time in both schedules.

Another benefit of Online Training is that it is much more cost effective.  Whether you want to workout 2 times per week, or every day, the cost won’t empty your bank account.  Cost effective doesn’t mean you won’t get great coaching, though.  The cost of great coaching online is a fraction of the cost of in person training.

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But, here is a little of what I offer through my online coaching:

$99/month – You get an Individualized workout plan, individualized nutritional guidance, weekly email check ins to make sure things are going smoothly, and unlimited messaging through the workout app. I’ll do everything I can to help you reach your goals, but if you have to commit to your goals, and to bettering yourself for this to work.

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