“We began working with Zach in January of 2013. Six months later, we were transformed into people we only dreamed of being. Almost two years later, we are still fit, growing stronger and happily working with Zach. We wouldn’t be where we are today without his encouragement & coaching.”
– Rachel Swan and Karen “Ratchet” Mattison

rachel beforeafterratchet beforeafter


“I’ve been with Umbreit Wellness for almost 2 years. And I started seeing results within 3 months of doing his bootcamps. Zach does an amazing job of creating fun workout programs that push you to do better instead of pushing you out of the gym. He pays attention to what each person needs: cardio, weights and nutrition. He has the knowledge to help you achieve your goals.

In 2 years I’ve put on 12 pounds of muscle and lost several inches around my waist, and I’m almost 40 years old. Thank you Umbreit Wellness!”

-David R.


“Zach works miracles! He meets you where you are but pushes just the right amount for the client, and for the session. Zach considers all aspects of wellness including nutrition, stress management, sleep and physical exercise–both training sessions and those days in between. Personal accountability is required to see a difference, but Zach is right there to support, encourage and discuss goals and maintenance. He’s the best ever!!”

-Gary C.


“I have worked out consistently with Umbreit Wellness for 2 years. I am so much stronger than I could have imagined and I wouldn’t be here (and here injury free) without Zach pushing me to the next level and ensuring that I get there with the right technique! I also appreciate Zach’s professionalism and his method. I don’t need to be verbally beaten up (as some trainers do). I need to be pointed in the right direction (constantly) and told what to do and how to do it. As tough as it can be, I truly can say that I look forward to my workouts with Zach!!!”

-Laura W.


“Zach’s workouts are fun! And addicting!

Before Umbreit wellness I was strictly a cardio girl. I am amazed at the changes made by lifting weights!

I was worried about getting bulky. The opposite is true! Thanks Zach!”

-Amy R.


“Can’t say enough about Zach! He is an awesome trainer — and a very nice guy! He’s a true professional, very knowledgeable about fitness, nutrition and weight loss. Zach know’s just how to motivate me and I owe him a big “thanks!” for helping me get in shape and keep the weight off!”

-Sharon M.

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