As the new year arrives (with it’s freezing temperatures…) I am always intrigued by the new people joining a gym for the first, second, or 100th time.    As a trainer I love it when new people join the gym and are trying to better themselves. The part that baffles me is that people don’t give themselves enough time to make a change in their lifestyle.   I recently read an article stating that 80% of the New Year’s Resolution people stop going to the gym by the second week in February….Seriously? Why?  You can’t get a bachelor’s degree in 6 weeks (if you can is it legit?), you can’t become a master at anything in 6 weeks. How do you expect to change your life and health in that short amount of time?  Whether you decide to work with a trainer, go to the gym on your own, or work out at home, all I ask of you is that you give it time. No matter what type of exercise or nutrition plan you decide to follow, follow it, for at least 6 months.  If you stay consistent you will have results, even if that program is not “optimal” you will notice a change.  Consistency is the key. Don’t quit, you can do it!

2 Thoughts to “Consistency”

  1. Kelly

    So true. Gaining that extra weight didn’t happen over night…. so you’re not gonna lose it overnight either! Being healthy should be a Lifestyle, not a fad.

  2. […] as going for a walk or as difficult as lifting 500 pounds, but as long as you DO the activity, consistently, you will see benefits.  So don’t stress about running vs. lifting vs. crossfit, just pick […]

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